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Turbo Tips

  • Your turbo unit MUST have regular oil changes.
  • On engine start up wait several seconds before boosting the turbo.
  • On shut down, let the engine run to idle speed before turning off the ignition.
  • Don't necessarily blame the turbo for bad performance - it could be a victim of some other malfunctioning engine part

Remember a turbocharger is an integral part of the engine and usually a reliable part.

SYMPTOMS of Turbo Failure:

  • 1 Lack of power
  • 2 Blowing exhaust smoke
  • 3 Passing Lubricants
  • Each turbocharger is completely dismantled and thoroughly cleaned for damage assessment
  • A diagnosis is completed, and a report on condition is given to the customer
  • New bearings and seals are replaced as a matter of course.
  • All other components are checked and replaced as necessary
  • All new parts are original equipment, specified by the manufacturer.
  • Each rotor assembly is individually checked and balanced, and once the turbo is reassembled, the whole unit is VSR balanced (Vibration Sort Rig) to over 100,000 RPM.
  • A final check is undertaken that all settings are to the manufacturer's specification before the warranty is written and the turbocharger made ready for despatch.
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